SaveAsDAISY is available for Windows only. We provide an unified installer that detects standard installations of Microsoft Office. If Office is not found by the installer (like preinstalled or windows store versions of MS Office), it will request which architecture (32bits or 64bits) you want the addin to be installed for.

Latest version: 2.7.2 beta (released on September, 2022)

Report issues

If you have an issue with the installers or with the add-in, please contact the development team by mail to

Any construcive feedback is also welcome to help us improve the add-in :)

Feedbacks / Known issues

The accessibility ribbon does not appear after successfull installation

A user reported the addin to be deactivated after installation : In Word, under the File / Options / Add-ins category, Save As Daisy appeared under the Inactive applications section.

This issue is being investigated, but the following action has been tested and reported working by the user encountering this issue.

The add-in should start repairing himself before reopening the word document.


2.7.2 beta (September 2022)

This minor release adds the following changes to the addin :

2.7 beta (January 2022)

This major release starts the transition to the DAISY pipeline 2 as conversion engine. We now include the export to Epub3 (from a single docx file) as experimental functionnality under the SaveAsDAISY menu.

Fixes and updates :

2.6.1 beta - update 3 (September 2021)

Minor behaviour updates including :

The code base is under a heavy rewrite process to optimize it and prepare the switch to pipeline 2 process, allowing to provide more outputed format and better support.

2.6.1 beta - Minor update 2 (January 28, 2021)

Minor update including

2.6.1 beta - Minor update 1 (January 14, 2021)

Minor update including


2.6.1 beta (December 18, 2020)

Installer update