DAISY Pipeline 2

The DAISY Pipeline is an open-source, cross-platform framework for the migration of digital content to various formats. It intends to facilitate the production and maintenance of accessible content for people with print disabilities.


The Pipeline was developed by and for the DAISY community, a group of organizations committed to making content accessible. It goes without saying that accessiblity is the main interest of the tool. There are Pipeline transformation for migrating from one accessible format to another, enriching an input format with certain accessible features, and producing formats targeting a specific disability.


Accessibility goes hand in hand with standards. The formats that the Pipeline primarily focuses on are EPUB 3, DAISY and PEF.


All software products maintained by the DAISY Consortium are available under a business-friendly licence (LGPL). This in order to stimulate collaboration between organizations and to maximize reuse and integration in other contexts, including commercial software.

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The DAISY Pipeline is a collaborative project maintained by the DAISY Consortium, with numerous organizations participating and contributing to the development. The DAISY Pipeline 2 project is the follow-up of the DAISY Pipeline 1 project. It consists mostly in preparing for the future by redesigning the core Pipeline framework to embrace new technologies and standards and better integrate with the DAISY community and publishing mainstream.