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Getting Help

The user guide should get you up and running quickly and should answer your most common questions.

If you are a developer and you are looking for more technical documentation, check out the developer guide.

Connect with the maintainer team and community

There are various ways to connect with DAISY Pipeline’s maintainer team and community.

  1. The public forum. This is the best way to connect to the community. The maintainer team will be active on the forum, but also anyone else with an interest in DAISY Pipeline. The forum can be a place for Q&A, general discussions, idea pitching, brainstorming, etc. It will also be the main place where anouncements will be made, polls created and feedback gathered. The idea is that the discussions will be mostly user-oriented, but delopers are welcome too. You need a Github account to post in the forum.

  2. The maintainer contact email address. This is the most direct way to get in touch with the maintainer team. It is the preferred way for private communication, or questions that are specific to your use case and not likely to be useful for others.

  3. The official and public issue tracker. This is the recommended way to reach us if you have a concrete bug report or feature request, or if you want to contribute your code changes (pull request). Everyone can follow along and participate in the discussion. Maintainers will be automatically notified of new issues, pull requests, and comments within them. You as a user or contributor can also subscribe to the issue tracker if you want to get notified of new activity. You need a Github account to submit an issue or pull request or to subscribe.