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API Documentation

Web Service API

If you want to use DAISY Pipeline 2 as a web server and implement your own client, you need to know about the web service API.

Java Client Library

We provide a Java HTTP client library for communicating with a Pipeline server. To use it in your Maven project include the following dependencies:


The entry point of the library is the class org.daisy.pipeline.client.http.WS.

Go Client Library

We also provide a HTTP client library for the Go language. Run the following command to download and install the “pipeline” package:

go get github.com/daisy/pipeline-clientlib-go

Java API

DAISY Pipeline 2 may also be used directly as a Java library instead of via client-server communication.

These are the most important classes in the Java API:

List available scripts.
List available inputs, options and outputs of a script.
Get data types of script options.
Specify job inputs/options.
Create, delete and queue jobs.
Run and monitor jobs and access job results.
Access job messages.

Providers of the ScriptRegistry, DatatypeRegistry and JobManagerFactory services can be loaded using the ServiceLoader mechanism or using OSGi.

Complete Javadocs

XProc Utility Libraries

APIs of Individual Modules