DAISY 2.02 To EPUB 3

The “DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3” script will convert a DAISY 2.02 DTB (Digital Talking Book) into an EPUB 3 publication. This page describes the steps, comments and issues related to this transformation.

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Example running from command line

On Linux and Mac OS X:

$ cli/dp2 daisy202-to-epub3
          --x-href samples/daisy202/dontworrybehappy/ncc.html
          --x-output ~/Desktop/out
          --x-mediaoverlay false
          --x-compatibility-mode false

On Windows:

$ cli\dp2.exe daisy202-to-epub3
          --x-href samples\daisy202\dontworrybehappy\ncc.html
          --x-output C:\Pipeline2-Output
          --x-mediaoverlay false
          --x-compatibility-mode false

This command will create two entries in the output directory. One is a folder called “epub”, which is a temporary directory created by the converter. The second is the resulting EPUB 3 file. The EPUB 3 file is given a name based on the dc:identifier and dc:title metadata elements from the original NCC; “dc:identifier - dc:title.epub”.


The high-level conversion workflow is as follows:


This is a list of defined errors for this script. Each error has a unique error code for easy identification.

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