DTBook to ODT

Transforms a DTBook (DAISY 3 XML) document into an ODT (OpenDocument Text).

ODT is the native file format of OpenOffice and LibreOffice but can be opened with Microsoft Word as well. The DTBook to ODT converter is designed to work with both.






Some examples can be found here.


The conversion works by converting DTBook elements to ODT elements with corresponding semantics (paragraphs, text spans, frames, images, formulas, lists, tables, notes, comments, etc.). However because ODT has a more limited set of elements, different DTBook elements are mapped to the same ODT element. In order to differentiate between DTBook elements they are given styles in ODT.

These styles can be edited afterwards in the ODT document, but more importantly they can be saved in a template (*.ott file) which can be provided to the script the next time (via the “Template” option).

The template that is used by default is default.ott.

What follows is a mapping from DTBook elements to ODT styles. There are different types of styles: paragraph styles, character styles, frame styles, list styles and section styles. (Page styles also exist but are not used by the converter.)

Paragraph styles

DTBOOK element ODT style
dtb:annotation dtb:annotation
dtb:blockquote dtb:blockquote
dtb:bridgehead dtb:bridgehead
dtb:byline dtb:byline
dtb:caption dtb:caption
dtb:covertitle dtb:covertitle
dtb:dd dtb:dd
dtb:docauthor dtb:docauthor
dtb:doctitle dtb:doctitle
dtb:epigraph dtb:epigraph
dtb:h1 dtb:h1
dtb:h2 dtb:h2
dtb:h3 dtb:h3
dtb:h4 dtb:h4
dtb:h5 dtb:h5
dtb:h6 dtb:h6
dtb:hd dtb:hd
dtb:img dtb:img
dtb:li dtb:li
dtb:note with class endnote dtb:note_endnote
dtb:note with class footnote dtb:note_footnote
dtb:p dtb:p
dtb:pagenum dtb:pagenum
dtb:poem dtb:poem
dtb:prodnote dtb:prodnote
dtb:td dtb:td
dtb:th dtb:th

Character styles

DTBOOK element ODT style
dtb:a dtb:a
dtb:abbr dtb:abbr
dtb:acronym dtb:acronym
dtb:author dtb:author
dtb:cite dtb:cite
dtb:code dtb:code
dtb:dt dtb:dt
dtb:em dtb:em
dtb:kbd dtb:kbd
dtb:linenum dtb:linenum
dtb:q dtb:q
dtb:samp dtb:samp
dtb:strong dtb:strong
dtb:sub dtb:sub
dtb:sup dtb:sup
dtb:title dtb:title

Frame styles

DTBOOK element ODT style
dtb:img dtb:img
math:math dtb:math

List styles

DTBOOK element ODT style
dtb:dl dtb:dl
dtb:list with type ol dtb:list_ol
dtb:list with type pl dtb:list_pl
dtb:list with type ul dtb:list_ul

Section styles

DTBOOK element ODT style
dtb:sidebar dtb:sidebar


The resulting ODT document may contain special comments with warnings, for instance when a certain element in the DTBook could not be rendered in the ODT.