DTBook Validator

This module validates a single DTBook document. It supports the following:

The input document is validated against RelaxNG schema and additional schematron rules. If the check-images option is true, then the validator ensures that any referenced images exist on disk.






Sample usage

This section shows how to use the DTBook Validator via the Pipeline 2 command line interface.

Run the script like this:

$ ./dp2 dtbook-validator
        --x-input-dtbook file:/path/to/book/dtbook.xml
        --o-result /tmp/t1
        --o-report /tmp/t2
        --o-html-report /tmp/t3
        --o-validation-status /tmp/t4
        --x-output-dir /tmp/dpout 

Make sure the directory /tmp/dpout already exists.

Also note the special syntax for the input file option, which has changed in this update (July 2013):

--x-input-dtbook file:/path/to/book/dtbook.xml

When execution is complete, you will see these files in the output directory that you specified:


Note: If instead of using the --x-output-dir option to put all output in one directory, you would rather specify a file path for each file, then just use the output parameters (prefixed by --o). Above they are shown as temp files (e.g. /tmp/t1) but they could just as easily store their output anywhere (e.g. /path/to/output/my-report.xml).

They are as follows:


Raw validation output from DTBook validation. See ValidationReportXML for details on the file format.


XHTML file containing a summary of all validation errors for the DTBook file.