Braille transformation

DAISY Pipeline can convert an XML document to a paginated braille document. Both the author of the document and the user of DAISY Pipeline can influence the rendering through CSS.

The user can further control different aspects of the transformation, with a “transformer query”.

Braille formatting

Braille formatting or layout includes line breaking, page breaking, volume breaking, indentation, spacing, page layout, etc. The layout is primarily controlled by the CSS, but different formatter implementations may support a different subset or superset of CSS, or may have implementation specific parameters. The known formatter implementations are:

Braille transcription

Braille transcription or translation is the transformation of normal text into braille script. It is locale dependent and can be further configured by the user with parameters such as the contraction grade. These parameters can be provided through CSS and/or through the transformer query. Braille transciption is influenced only by text-level CSS styles, such as @text-transform rules and text-transform properties. The known translator implementations are:


Hypenation, or line breaking within words, can be allowed or disallowed using the hyphens CSS property. Hyphenation rules depend on the locale and also on the braille system. The known hyphenator implementations are: